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| 19 Jun 2019

“Where was I going

“Where was I going”

Poem by : Camran Bashir

Going through the motions of your love is the key to your love.

Going deep through the swirling waves of your love reanimates and revitalizes me.

You made me the denizen of your love, with my ‘solid’ and ‘firm’ desire beguiled.

You were a bystander and led me astray.

Trifling and atomic threads,of your 21st century jeans,are subdued by a ‘nuclear freeze’ by my unfaltering gaze at it.

Your unearthly ears,silky and glossy hair, inebriated and dipsomaniac eyes have dehumanized me,homeless and domicile lost.

Everyone in her orb is rendered as Lovelorn and a jilted entity.

Ah! the umbilical love of mother’s has evaporated from this fugacious world.

No laurels and tears for the snow white beard of Father’s.

Axenic love,in the form of tear showers,for them can replace the natural rain to rain the soil of love.

I am glad that my father has once, after a long time,magnetised my chest with his divine and untainted body.

I didn’t know why the tears where flowing unreservedly and then candidly.

But I knew the source of substantial and eternal love was discovered.

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