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| 18 Jul 2019
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”We are Stronger than Ever, More Help Coming to us”- After a Long Gap, Zakir Musa Releases Fresh Audio

“It has been a gap of one year since i released my last audio, many armed youth have lost their arms since then, i lost my close companions, all Militants, be they with any group, they are on the path of truth,” Zakir is heard saying in the beginning lines of this 15 Audio minute Audio.

“Many people have joined us from India and Pakistan, the numbers of Ansar Ghazwat ul Hind have swelled by huge numbers, we shall soon restart our operations and it will be a huge war against the Indian Forces,” Zakir is hear saying while blaming both India and Pakistan for running the American propaganda in Kashmir.

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“Pakistan has no influence on Kashmir’s Freedom struggle, they are getting our Militants killed, they just lure young boys from Pakistan Administered Kashmir and make fake promises to them and bring them to Kashmir,” Zakir said.

Giving the example of Afghan War, he said that the victory of Afghanistan must be an inspiration to the people of Kashmir.

He is heard asking people to pay for the Militant groups, “Islamic Preachers should aware people about the rightful knowledge and guide people towards the righteous path, it is not the time to discuss the way of prayers,” Zakir is heard saying.

“Only one slogan is acceptable to us, that is the slogan of Allah, we do not want people from India and Pakistan to deceive us,” Zakir is heard saying in this fresh audio which has put an end to numberless speculations.

Hartals have yielded us nothing, just damaged our own economy, they do no harm to India, Zakir is heard saying. “Boycott the elections, these parties are just coming to deceive you, the only way is, accept the path of Islam, follow it,” Zakir Musa is hear saying.

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