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| 18 Sep 2019

Sangiote village deprived of Basic Facilities. Nadeem Rafiq Khan.

M S Nazki

MENDHAR Terming Period of National conference leadership of Mendhar ,a total failure for the development of basic facilities for the last 18years ,Advocate and Senior PDP leader Nadeem Rafiq Khan in his press note.

Nadeem Rafiq Khan visited many villages and Panchayats of Mendhar to listen grievances of public at their door step by holding one to one meeting in their village.He was accompanied by khaliq khan, Hamid Samyal,Azam khan, Choudhar Faiz, Rajak khan, Nasar Fani Mohd khan, Mustaq khan and others .

Claiming a huge developments in Mendhar by National conference leadership is zero on ground as per public version said by Ex Sarpanch Gulzar Ahmed , Basharat khan,Abdul Jabbar choudhary , Jameel khan, Naib Sarpanch Mohd Yusaf and Mahmood khan of said village. A small link road connecting from Bhathadurian to Sangiote Gali is in worst condition with huge number of pits and holes and no one care about this road. Number of times representation made to upper authorities of administration for its bkacktopping but all goes in their dustbin of ignorance. Youths group led by Dr Imran said that District Development commissioner Poonch also visited there during as SDM tenure and saw the worst conditions of PHC Sangiote, link road and Panchayat Ghar of Chandial. He gave assurance of Proper help and immediate action at that time but we think that Our District Commissioner Poonch have forget our demands as usual officers do.

Peoples of Uchhad Mohalla Mangrala of Mankote pressing the demand of drinking water supply restoration to their ward. Nazim khan, a young face called the period of National leadership is only on mike and papers but nothing on ground.

Nadeem Rafiq Khan asking people’s of Mendhar and them to be aware of such fake propaganda development of National conference and unite themselves by Strengthing the hands of PDP leadership Mtr Mahbooba Mufti in Mendhar .This only the Party who always stands for the welfare of peoples of State .

Making an appeal to Governor Administration and District Development commissioner Poonch to take the cognizance of knowing matter of Sangiote village immediately on war foot by giving direction to the concerned department and immediate restoration water supply of Ucchad Panchayat ward no. 2 as to give relief to their thrist.

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