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| 20 Jul 2019

Presence of Garbage in local stream irks Saimoh Tral residents

Tral: Heaps of garbage and solid waste have been dumped along a water body flowing through the Saimoh village of Tral sub division in South Kashmir.

The locals have said that some inconsiderate people use to throw garbages and other wastes in this stream, which is connecting with a pond commonly known as “Saimoh Naag” and is located near Jamia Masjid.

They said that using of stream as dumping site is day by day worsening its essence.

“Accumulation of garbage and other waste blocks its flow of water and makes it polluted,” residents said.

The stream as per locals was used for various purposes earlier as it is connected with the fresh water pond “but garbage and wastes have harmed its essence.”

Locals pleaded with the higher authorities to intervene and save the water body from getting more polluted.

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