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| 17 Sep 2019
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Naz and Khaki resign from BJP 

 M S Nazki
MENDHAR Two senior BJP leaders, Ch. Sadeeq Ahmed Naz and Advocate Akhlaq  Hussein Khaki from Tehsil Mendhar, Poonch  resigned along with their hundreds of workers and suporters from the primary membership of the party on Thursday citing lack of democracy and false policies as the reason for quitting the party.
They sent their resignation to party high Command
The said in press conference at Mendhar, “W were forced to resign because there is lack of democracy in the party and we were feeling stifled. The party has given importence to Communal Idealogy. There is arrogance in the attitude of senior leaders who neglect dedicated party workers,” They further told in press conference .
Though they said that they had not made up their mind from where they would work  election but political grapevine is ripe with speculation that they  might join the one good positive ideological party. They said, ”  We have done lot of work for party but the party did not pay any attention towards them. So they have been gone compell to resign from the party. They said,
“This is true that we were indirectly told that we will not get a good position  this time. We are active politicians who love to contest elections. If we are not allowed to contest, this will obviously have an impact on our political career,” They said.
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