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| 21 May 2019

Mannerism, a momentous to spread Islam as peace

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

An individual must be in aware about the teachings of Islam. A man is a social person if he has a good mission of life, to be in contact with people by mixing with them, dealing and engaging in give and take.

The Muslim is in the best way if he interacts with the people in noble ways. This is possible only if he follows the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah. According to this development a Muslim can never be compared to the other social personality which is developed by contemporary man made system or by any ancient law devised by some philosophers and thinkers.

It is the social personality in the perspective of Quran and Sunnah, considered as man of highest quality, noble characteristics, manners and ethical values. In Islam a man will be highly rewarded if he adheres such mannerisms which Prophet Mohammad (saw) has given and shown us. Islam is able to make the personality of true Muslim serves a brilliant example of good, clear – living, pious, well mannered social being. In Muslim there should be some peculiar characters and social relationships in abundance, comprehensiveness and precision. These social relationships do not ignore any aspect of social interaction and they point to the high level that Islam wants the Muslim to reach. No doubt the Muslim will reach it but reality of Islam is firmly entrenched in the heart and soul, pervading the entire being. Muslim should be truthful with all people because it leads to goodness, piety and these lead to Paradise. False hood leads to iniquity and iniquity leads to Hel.

A Muslim doesn’t cheat, deceive or stab in the back. The requirements of the sincerity, purity and fairness and loyalty, leaves no room for cheating, deception unfairness and betrayal. The sensitive sincere Muslim will not tolerate cheating, indeed he will have complete aversion to it because he is aware that doing this evil will put him beyond the pale of Islam. Prophet Mohammad (saw)stated “” whoever bears arms against us is not one of us, and whoever cheats us is not one of us”

In the mission of Islamic religion , a man should be stuck to the basics of it but most importantly mannerisms is an instrumental thing to propagate Deen among non – Muslims as non Muslim can’t see our Nimaaz, Zakat, Hajj and Zikr but will see politeness and good manners.
We have the best ever model, Prophet Mohammad (Saw) had an excellent, complete and sound intellect. He was harmed and abused when he invited and called people to Islam., yet he was patient and endured all of this and hoped for the reward of Allah.

Abdullah bin Masood said : “The prophet Mohammad (saw) resembled a prophet who was harmed by his people “.He wiped the blood from his face and said ‘O Allah, forgive my people ,for they know not” This clearly guides us that Muslim should follow the principles of Islam and Sunnah, then only it makes a “preacher of Islam” stronger to spread Islam as peace but don’t forget following the mannerisms as tool which prophet Mohammad (saw) has advised us. Definitely one time will come that Islam as peace touch each and every corner of world…

Author is a Research scholar from Kuchmullah Tral

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