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| 20 Jul 2019
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Islam complete way of life:  Geelani

SRINAGAR, MAY 07 (PTK):Congratulating Muslim Ummah on the start of the holy month of Ramadan, All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that the month of fasting is an exercise of not only Ibadat but teaches its follower to look onto overall social wellbeing of its society. Islam is a complete way of life, which guides the mankind in every sphere of his life. Be it economy, politics, education or nation building, peace or war, individual or collective interests, it is a solution for every problem, a person or nation faces. But alas! Its own followers have divided and subdivided it into bits and pieces making themselves an easy prey for its opponents.

He said that today’s Muslim world presents a horrible look, with death and destruction visible all around. Enemies of Islam are busy in slaughtering and brutalizing Muslims, even the innocent kids and women are not spared. Rulers of almost all Muslim countries acts as puppets, just to safeguard their power. They brazenly brutalize their own people for their petty interests of luxuries and status. Their wealth and national assets are mortgaged for weaponry, which is being used against their own population. They slit the throat of each other amongst the high pitched stooges of “Alah-u-Akbar” and their enemy enjoys this bloodshed.

Pro-Islamic leader said that the month of Ramadan has started in this grim and gloomy atmosphere of Muslim Ummah, with celebrations, happiness and roaring mosques. This short period of 30 days is a training period for its believers, to sharpen their soul and mind and prepare them for the hardships of their life. It prepares them for the permanent and eternal life which starts when the lease of worldly stay comes to an end and entering into the reality where everybody will be thoroughly checked of his baggage of deeds with their purity content.

He said that this pious month is not only a remembrance of the battlefields between good and bad, but inspires is believer to get physically involved. Unfortunately in today’s fractured Ummah, with sects and sub-sects, differentiation of good and bad has changed altogether, confusing a common Muslims to the extent that he runs after every glittered object thinking it precious. Pathetic and miserable condition of Muslim Ummah is not only painful but thought provoking as well.

Our state is also in the ruins and presents a devastated look, disturbing and panicking our new generation. We as a nation are drifting away from our source of Hidayah, which has deprived us from the sense of differentiating between good and bad. If in Ramadan, fasting, taraveh, charity, recitation of holy Quran and other extra Ibadah fail to hammer our conscious to the realization of (Haq and Batil), then this holy month can give us nothing except 15 hours long pause of hunger. It will fail to enlighten our dark days and as a nation we definitely will be on the path of extinction.

He said that truthful people have always been tested by harsh and life threatening challenges. Their loyalty, courage, commitment and God fearing qualities have been put to test by rulers of their time and whosoever, stood their feet, have qualified for Almighty’s blessings and have defeated enemies of their existence and faith. This is the real and only message of Ramadan we need to pay heed to. (PTK)

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