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| 19 Jul 2019
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Indumeet  Singh Condemns incident of forcing Sikh candidates to remove Kakaars in NEET exam in Srinagar

Srinagar : Kashmiri Sikh Leader Indumeet Singh  has strongly  condemned the incident of forcing baptized Sikh students to remove their Kakaars (articles of Sikh faiths) during the NEET exam held on yesterday in Srinagar.

In a statement Indumeet Singh has said , “the Indian constitution allows Sikhs to carry their ‘Kirpans’ even in domestic flights, but some radical elements don’t miss any opportunity to exploit Sikhs to make them realize their second class citizenship status in the country”.

“I demand strict action against the NEET officials who asked students to remove Kakaars” adding he said ” Sikh students from far flung areas of Kashmir valley  who travelled to Srinagar to appear in the examination with dreams and aspirations in their eyes were made to return home with tears in their eyes”.

Notably, the staff deployed at the examination center at Minto circle School Allochibagh and KITE polytechnic college Gogjibagh had forced the Sikh students remove their Kirpans and Karhaa on May 5.

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