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| 24 Jun 2019

Highly extravagant rates by the private school is a grave matter of corcern5

Highly extravagant rates by the private school is a grave matter of corcern

Adnan Shafi

Private schools of Kashmir valley in this era are looting thousands of rupees from students by selling books at highly exorbitant rates, which is giving tough time to poor ones.

The saddest part is they are making everything mandatory and are forcing parents to buy from the school itself, which need to be stopped at the earliest.

In fact, the rules of central Govt. are that a school should not be a part of any sales activity, though they can only recommend shops to the parents, then It is the choice of the parents whether to buy from that shop or not but they can’t force parents to buy books only from the school itself.

Yes, it has become a pure business like any other commercial activity as huge amount of money is drawn from the students on the basis of selling uniforms and books.

These days, if we closely observe, most of the educational institutions are owned and run by politicians or their kins, and an important fodder for discussion is high fees which no parent can afford, due to which the intelligent students can’t be admitted in schools, which can increase illiteracy rate consistently.

What is my claim?
There are people who worry about the cost of textbooks, the people working as labourers, don’t earn sophisticated money for their daily basis. They are incapable of making their ends meet. How can such parent be able to buy the books at exorbitant rates ?

Why are they corrupting the system?

Education is not money making business. Govt should prepare policy to reduce educational expenses. Furthermore, I can say to employ such kind of rules so that they will abide by and govt. should make it forcibly possible not to sell books at exorbitant rates and allow parents to buy from any book store they like.

This is really an absence of justice shown towards the students.How many of us will not be able to educate our children.

But who cares?

Owing to ensuing situation no parent yearn to send kids to the schools but the school managements are forcing parents to buy the books in schools and many schools have made it mandatory. A set of books they buy in the market is of cost aprox.

1,200-2000,interestingly the same set is sold in schools as of cost aprox.5,000 in the last 5 days, schools have received several warnings to refrain from doing anything that put additional financial burden but they don’t care, as you know dishonest people want to hide their depraved works ,But the truth once comes into existence

I steadily condemn these anserine acts done in the schools.

Author is a resident of Chandrigam Tral.

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