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| 19 Jun 2019

Heavy Snowfall causes death and destruction across the valley

Heavy Snowfall causes death and destruction across the valley

Bilal Ahmad Wani

Yesterday when the tourists were enjoying their beautiful movements of their life across the hill stations of the valley and at the same time people all over the valley were feeling scary as they
were not ready for adverse weather conditions which proved very destructive from last night.

People didn’t sleep comfortably throughout the night as they were unaware from this unpredictable snow storm.

Everyone was waiting for the next morning and from the very first light of the morning people started running to their economical assets mostly towards apple orchards.

It was a story of myself as well and I am an eye witness of all these things. Probably it would be a loss of around two lakh rupees in my case and at least millions of Dollars throughout the valley. Surely we went five to six years back in terms of development and it is very hard to compensate such irreparable loss.

When I tuned my mobile phone on DD Kashir to listen Good Morning J&K program where they said three deaths have been reported so far.

From different inputs roads were blocked due to snow and trees and creates problem for pedestrians.

Electricity lines had fallen on roads and PDD administration has assured us the restoration of electricity till late evening which is not looking possible considering current situation.

Snow disruption continues with roads, railways, hospitals and airports and authorities urging passengers not to travel without getting proper confirmation from authorized persons of different departments.

Hospitals are totally defunct due to lack of electricity and fortunately staff is
struggling to get on to work.

The Met office said the worst part of this prediction has been passed by midnight and the weather will start improving from today afternoon.

It is worthwhile to mention here that the
temperatures have been dropped by 10 degree from normal.

Kashmir remains an eye witness of early snowfall in 2000, 2009 and now again in 2018. From my perspective it is not due to climatic changes or any other factor, all it is periodic.

Look back into the history and see all the
natural catastrophic events of Kashmir are periodic and we have to keep ourselves ready for these things and never pay to heed on fake rumors.

In early November Kashmir has already experienced heavy snowfall which suffers everybody but mostly to students.

First time in the history when students are giving exams in candle lights
due to heavy fog.

Authorities even didn’t want to listen the grievances of the students which they
are facing from past few days. No heating and lighting arrangement in exam halls and the most important is no electricity in their homes for preparing in exams.

Hello Honorable Governor Sahab all this is happening in Kashmir and the snow is not falling in Kashmir only.

We are waiting for your answers, where your incumbent administration is fail to run all the things smoothly. I know only you can answer this and the rest are taking the advantage of Durbar move.

Author is a researcher in Earth sciences, who hails from Chewa Ullar Tral

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