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| 21 May 2019
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Cleric Mushtaq Veeri Booked Under PSA, Shifted to Jammu Jail

Srinagar,March 14 :Mushtaq Ahmed Veeri, a religious cleric from South Kashmir, has been booked under Public safety act and shifted to Jammu jail early morning on Thursday.

Sources told that Veeri was arrested on 24th of February 2019 along with several other members of religious groups after government started crackdown on religious leaders in Kashmir valley.

The family of Veeri, who is the Vice President of Jamiat Ahli hadith religious group in Jammu Kashmir, refuted the reports that he had been released on Wednesday evening.

Sources in the Police confirmed the news and said he was shifted to a Jammu jail early morning.

Intense crackdown began against religious groups in October last year, when Indian Army stopped various clerics in South Kashmir from addressing Friday congregations.

By Late February, the Government Forces launched a massive crackdown against religious organizations and their sources of funding are being thoroughly checked, Sources told

A few days the Indian Home Ministry imposed a ban on religious organization Jamaat e Islami, locking down their various offices in Kashmir valley.

Sources informed that the law enforcing agencies have been asked to profile the clerics in their concerned areas, a fact verified by Local clerics to “Yes, many clerics have been summoned to Police stations and various have been called by local Police and their profiling is being done by the Local Police,” a Cleric told

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