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| 22 Oct 2019
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Central govt is planning to replace pellet guns with ‘Sound canons’

SRINAGAR, JUNE 26 (PTK): The central government is planning to replace pellet guns with ‘Sound canons’ that can send out a deafening alarm will soon be used by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to control stone-pelting in Kashmir, as an alternative to the controversial pellet guns, that have blinded thousands over last few years.

According to reports CRPF has come out with specifications, asking manufacturers to submit details regarding the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), also known as sound canons India today reported.

The Request for Information (RFI), which is the first step to procure security-related equipment, stated the features CRPF wants in the device.

The LRAD can be used for dispersing protester with its shrill ear-piercing sound and can also be used as a communication device to send out loud and clear warnings to a crowd.

The specifications listed by CRPF indicate that the force is looking for a fairly potent variant. The device should have a continuous output of 153 decibels (db) sound pressure level at a distance of 1 metre and 121 db at 100 feet, the RFI says.

While the use of an LRAD has been criticised as the sound can cause permanent damage to hearing, the Home Ministry has made it clear that the warning tone will not cross the human threshold of pain.

A note by the ministry states that the manufacturers must mention the threshold impact of equipment output on human ears and have to have certification from Indian and medical organisations.

While the use of pellet guns has been criticised as it can damage the eyes, the use of sound guns has also triggered a controversy in other parts of the world, with human rights activists opposing it as the device can cause hearing loss.

“Certificate to this effect from any Indian government approved medical organisation must be submitted,” the RFI stated. The CRPF has not mentioned the quantity of LRADs required as it states the number will be decided at a later stage. (PTK)

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