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| 18 Jul 2019

Candle light exam frivolous, BOSE let students in vexation

Candle light exam frivolous, BOSE let students in vexation

By : Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

On one hand the prevailing turmoil and strikes in the valley put a bad implication on the progress of students in schools, colleges and universities. Due to incessant closure of these Educational establishments the students were not able to complete their prescribed syllabi up to end current academic session. So good number of academic days have been lost and put a lethal effect on the preparation of students for forthcoming exams.

When the current academic session has come to an end the students were trying their best to be up-to-date and they go around in happy – cheeky attitude to try their luck for bettermost of future.

After attending precious time at coaching centers even they were not in a relaxed mind to ensure goodness in exams. They felt to be reluctant on the seniors to sought help from them so in shabby mood they find themselves where their exam is at their toes.

In this regard BOSE released the date sheet and they face many queries about leaving minimum break in between the different papers after many boiled arguments the BOSE was not able to convince the parents and students.

When students appeared to couple of papers they felt their luck is tossed and thrown to the walls like that physics paper was posed in out of expectations and maximum students felt in disgust and indisposed manner.

With half heartedness the students when ready to appear for English paper the weather was inclement ,the exam halls were overcasted with darkness and invigilators distributed the papers among students the darky situation pinched them and no one was able to write down the answers.

Due to reckless and insensitive arrangements at exam centers the students look frustrated , invigilators made ever possible arrangement to make halls lighted and locals also played a healthy part to arrange lights for exam centers. Few centers were lighted with candles and created a history to conduct the exam under candles.

During this cursing exam weak students availed a good chance to copy from others but the intelligent students were daunted from every nook and corner of hall .

This is a serious concern and disgusted one in front of Govt and BOSE that they need to provide special arrangements at exam centers as it a crush peroid for the students to cover the whole story of year .

We dream big for the Education system but when action is on turn we fail to impart quality and suitable arrangement for smooth conduction of exam..

Author is a Research scholar from Kuchmullah village in Tral

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