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| 21 May 2019

Article 370, 35A needs amendment for reducing assembly election schedule from 6 years down below: Experts

SRINAGAR, MAR 14 (PTK):Central government needs amendment in Article 370 to bring scheduled date which has been adopted in bill in 1975 in which it is clearly mentioned that the election process of assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir is possible on after 6 years term.

According to political expects there is no mention anywhere about the per poll before the term of 6 years. As per the reports central government will introduce amendment to bring assembly elections before the term of 6 years.

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution stipulates autonomy for the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Terms of the Article have remained mired in controversy owing its unequal dispensation within the framework of free India.

Political expect Inam Un Nabi said that, “I’m against this if central government is thinking to bring any amendment which is against the people of Jammu and Kashmir”.

He added, “Assembly is ours, Constitution is ours. We have some special powers in 370, if any change can happen in our constitution, all those changes should come through our own assembly”.

He further added, “We don’t allow anybody to amend anything or make any change in our constitution. We will not accept this, if any amendment may be passed that is unconstitutional and illegal”.

According to experts the constitutional paper examines Article 370 and the validity of politics attached to it, based on four specific arguments. First, the Genesis of Article 370 spawns inequality in India. Second, its Retention implies festering of contentious issues. Third, its Ramifications forge inequality within J&K. Fourth, how Politics over Article 370 only seek limited leverage from it.

Experts said that to brining assembly elections before the 6 years needs amendment for reducing which can be the cause of removal of article 370.

They added that these arguments have been examined through an engagement with primary and secondary sources and views analyzed in different traditions.

The case universe comprises views across a spectrum of opinion. An interpretative approach classifies this debate in the larger context of Continuation or Revocation of Article 370, based on the research question whether Article 370 has worked in the manner envisaged, or has aggravated inequality and fuelled growth of conflict in J&K. Keywords Jammu & Kashmir, Politics, Constitution, Conflict, Article 370, Inequality.

Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected for a six-year term. The seats are filled by direct election. The assembly may be dissolved before the completion of the six-year term by the Governor upon the advice of the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. The Governor may also convene special sessions of both houses of the state legislature to pass bill but central government can’t pass any amendment in state until Assembly can’t pass the bill. (PTK)

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