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| 22 Sep 2019
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5 years on, old town Bridge still defunct, People mark protest against stop of work on bridge

Mohamamd Yaseen Malik
Baramulla April 16. 5 years on old town Bridge yet constructed which was hit by flood in 2014, Welfare committee Iqbal market Old Town Baramulla shuts their shops today, against the government’s failure of completion of reconstruction  work on SRTC Bridge.
President Old Town Baramulla traders union Mr Ab. Hamid Gojery  said the  bridge was damaged in 2014 floods in Kashmir. He said, although the district administration had promised to work on the bridge on priority basis but it has not been completed yet in last five years. He said.
Today shopkeepers of the Old Town Baramulla  closed their shops and decided to protest against the concerned authorities for stopping the construction work on the bridge He said that, SRTC Bridge, one of the main and historical bridges of  Baramulla which connects old town with civil lines and Baramulla market was damaged in 2014 flash floods, but the government has failed to reconstruct it. He said thousands of people, who walked on the bridge were suffering, so were businesses in old town market.
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